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How can AI bridge the gap

in conversations and business outcomes?


Robotic Process Automation and Machine Learning systems are making their way through applying Narrow intelligence to human based processes in organizations, however this is only the start of intelligent decisions. Communications are still the largest part of the daily rundowns for every organization, where tons of information is generated and lost.

By 2020, it is expected, more than 50% of the enterprise organizations will have doubled productivity by digitally transforming many processes from human-based to software-based delivery.  But what about conversations and communications? Be it emails, text messages, voice calls, video calls or in-person discussions. It is simply impossible to make sure there is no loss of information that happens in such communications. A human-in-loop is always needed to keep a track of the tasks created, integrate them to work tools and check if they are followed upon.

Communications - whether online or in-person - need to be intelligently analyzed based on understanding to generate real time business outcomes for organizations, which will create an ever lasting impact on the productivity of employees.

Imagine a world where you say - “Let’s create a follow up for this meeting in the next week, same time” and in real time a follow up meeting is set in the calendar of the current meeting attendees at the said time. Yes, it is really happening  and Rammer’s Language Insight Platform is enabling you to do so!

In this webinar, we will explain:

  • How developers can use the Language Intelligence provided by Rammer’s Language Insights API and add the functionality of Real time transcription.
  • Action Items and Follow Ups to any application followed by a Post Meeting Summary on Email.
  • We will also go through the easy ways of implementing these APIs in your application, to bridge the gap in communications and business outcomes, taking the example of Video conversations and Calendar, Trello and Jira.


Guest Speakers


Toshish Jawale

CTO and co-founder



Toshish has been building games since 5th grade and was introduced to NLP in 2008 when he developed a contextual e-learning platform in Amdocs. Since then he has developed from ground up on several AI and ML platforms in Amdocs and recently co-authored a patent for Intelligent Conversation Engine for Amdocs Smartbot. 


Surby Rathore

CEO and co-founder



The session will be co-hosted by Surbhi Rathore, CEO and co-founder of rammer.ai.


See you there!


Date: Tuesday October 23rd, 2018

Time: 10:00 am PT

You missed this webinar? Don't worry, watch the video here: