Recorded Webinar: Vital (and Unexpected) Roles and Organization Structures of Software Training Functions

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When building any enterprise software company, the first types of people that need to be hired are generally put in two categories: people who make the stuff (software engineers in varying points along the technology stack) and people who sell the stuff (roles in various points along the continuum from marketing to account executives, maybe even customer success). As the company grows support functions need to be added to support the growth. During this phase, customers become larger and their training and support needs grow to the point at which a team needs to be dedicated to developing and delivering education services to customers in order to help customer on-boarding be successful.

The problem is that up to this point, early teams have not thought much about training and generally do not have the experience building and running customer-facing software training functions. The more customers demand training, the more a company begins to ask questions like:

  1. What roles existing in a customer education function?
  2. Which roles should we hire first?
  3. How should the team be structured?
  4. How do I know when you add roles as we grow?

In this webinar, Danielle Tomlinson, Senior Director of Global Education at Hortonworks, will help us answer these questions and more. Danielle has led large education service teams at SAP and Redhat and built the education services team from scratch at Hortonworks, so who better than Danielle to help us sort out the answers to these questions.

Special Guest: 
Danielle Tomlinson
Sr. Director, Global Education


Key Takeaways From this Webinar

  1. Examples of organization structures
  2. List of job titles and job responsibilities for critical roles
  3. How to decide which role to hire first
  4. How to determine when to hire each role 

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