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Customer Education
A Self-Perpetuating Marketing Strategy for Growth

Learn more about Customer Education as a Sales and Marketing Strategy.  

It is commonly believed that customer education is for customers. Adam Avramescu, head of customer education at Optimizely, wants you to know that if you think that, you aren't thinking big enough.

In a recent Linkedin post called, Customer Education is Your Secret Marketing Weapon, Adam demonstrates how customer education can be a major part of your company's marketing strategy and urges you to start thinking about how your education (and other) content can be used to increase pipeline revenue and close more deals.

In this webinar we discussed with Adam:

  • Examples of software companies using education for non-customers.
  • How to use knowledge base content, product documentation, and even release notes to educate prospects.
  • Different ways to use your courses to help your marketing team.
  • How to measure the effect of education on the marketing pipeline, but linking your education data into your marketing funnel attribution tools.

Customer education as a marketing strategy might just be your way to position your team as a strategic part of growing your company.

Date: Tuesday, October 31st, 2017. 

Time: 10:00am PT

Guest Speaker


Adam Avramescu
Head of Customer Education

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