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Cisco Systems

Helping Cisco Systems with Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration


The Challenge: Helping Cisco Systems Save with Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration

Cisco contacted ServiceRocket with a unique “meeting scheduler” challenge for an impending Director’s Summit virtual event they were planning. In previous years, the top 500 executives from Cisco were flown from all around the world to a central location for a 3-day annual, high-visibility event. Looking to save on travel costs, Cisco instead planned a virtual event, with virtual “meeting sessions” for the executives attending. A unique collaborative system was required, one that would allow free form communication, as well as event registration and participation.


The Solution

ServiceRocket developed a custom virtual meeting scheduling application that ran within Atlassian Confluence, an enterprise Wiki. The application included a number of important features, including:

  • Scheduling capability that allowed all attendees to signup for any of the 19 sessions, including a global Q&A, regional meetings and spotlight sessions
  • Local time zone support both for meeting signup and for personal MS Outlook calendar (.ics) configurations
  • Enhanced profile information displays for all attendees
  • Interactive forum commenting between attendees, including messaging and discussion forums
  • Management reports for registrations and session attendance
  • Statistics page showing registered attendees and the events each registered for
  • Scheduling administrative capabilities that provided the ability to invite only certain attendees to a particular event
  • Controlled notifications to all registered, non-registered, and invited attendees

The result was the successful development of a new application named the Virtual Meeting Scheduler. Not only was the application successful for its initial desired event, it is likely to be reused by Cisco moving forward as they execute on their internal strategy to rollout global Enterprise 2.0 solutions and systems.


The Voice of the Customer

Manoj Sinha, Office of Strategy & Planning, Cisco Services

“I would definitely recommend ServiceRocket’s services! They are a bunch of highly professional, creative and (above all) technically proficient guys. It was simply a pleasure working with them. We just concluded the first phase of a very challenging implementation for the largest group within Cisco…a one of its kind enterprise social networking Wiki, integrated with a registration component for live and virtual events. The ServiceRocket team executed as promised – exceeding all expectations!”

For more information on ServiceRocket’s offerings, please visit the Atlassian Solutions page.