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Earth Hour

How Earth Hour Improved Internal Communication with Confluence Training


The Project: Enhancing Earth Hour’s Collaboration Across the Globe

Collaborating across a diverse international group can be a challenge if the correct tools and training are not implemented. In that sense, Earth Hour faced the same challenge as countless enterprises, organizations and charities. They needed help to increase communication throughout their organization, which in turn would make it easier to share their message externally and have it become actionable by millions of people. They needed the right tool, needed it to be tailored to their organization and needed to be trained on how to use it effectively.

The Solution

Atlassian Confluence was implemented as a collaboration platform for Earth Hour. As a ServiceRocket Community initiative, ServiceRocket also delivered valuable Confluence education to key collaboration leaders within the Earth Hour’s Global division.

The Voice of the Customer

Kath Kissell, Communications Manager, Earth Hour Global:

“During Earth Hour hundreds of millions of people in more than 4,000 cities and towns in 88 countries around the globe, voted with their light switch for action on climate change. This amazing result was achieved through collaboration amongst hundreds of partners around the world, working across 25 different time zones in multiple languages. Using Confluence, and having the generous support of Atlassian and ServiceRocket, Earth Hour’s communications were streamlined and our campaign rollout was fast and seamless.”

“It’s exciting to think about the great things that can be achieved when we all work together. Reaching a global deal to save our planet from dangerous climate change is what we are striving for.”

ServiceRocket Votes Earth

Robert Castaneda, CEO, ServiceRocket:

“At ServiceRocket, we believe everyone has a responsibility regarding climate change and reducing waste. We help our clients to become more efficient. This includes assisting organizations such as Earth Hour and other not-for-profit organizations. Last year, our company became carbon-neutral and we continue to encourage decision makers around the world to take a leadership position in making the world a cleaner and safer environment for generations to come.”