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How ServiceRocket Customized Logica's Jira System


The Project: Extend and Customize LogicaCMG’s Jira System

When WM-data (a LogicaCMG company) planned to extend their usage of the Atlassian Jira issue tracking platform, they contacted ServiceRocket to deliver customized plugin development services. More specifically, they needed to add custom project fields and a billable hours log to Jira.


The Solution

ServiceRocket leveraged our proven delivery methodology to document and implement a series of Jira customizations, including the following:

Custom Project Fields – LogicaCMG required specific information to be stored about each project in Jira. The ServiceRocket solution utilized the existing custom field functionality of Jira, and extended the solution to allow custom fields to be defined at a project level. Using some clever Velocity template customizations, we transparently integrated the project custom fields into the Jira administration facility.

Billable Hours Work Log Customization – LogicaCMG needed Jira to match the existing billing process of their company, and required a solution that would allow individual Jira users to indicate the “billable hours” included in each work log. ServiceRocket delivered a Velocity template customization, along with a set of integrated database tables to store the required data. This solution was also integrated transparently into the standard Jira functionality.


The Voice of the Customer

Johnny Thomsen, WM-data (a LogicaCMG company), Denmark

“ServiceRocket delivered our Jira customization to high quality standards, demonstrating their experience in this field and a well-earned track record of successful Jira projects. They are effective communicators across the globe, catering to our specific needs in Denmark without unnecessary overheads.”

“We have been satisfied with the relationship, and highly value ServiceRocket’s assistance with delivering our solution.”