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How ServiceRocket Streamlined Polycom's Quality Assurance Processes Globally


The Challenge: Streamline Polycom’s Quality Assurance Processes Globally

Polycom needed to rationalize their Quality Assurance process and decided to standardize on Atlassian Jira as their new issue-tracking platform. They also needed to integrate Jira directly into their existing (Oracle) Siebel CRM and help desk infrastructure. This integration needed to be reliable and seamless for their staff. The integration needed to work and, if it didn’t, administrative users would need to understand why and resubmit transactions painlessly.

The solution also required a service oriented integration approach, one that would be flexible enough to allow for changes in data formats and type changes without requiring developer involvement.

Beyond the technical solution, training and support would also be crucial to the customer. Polycom’s system administrators were located in all regions of the world and would require mentoring, customized training and a high level of technical support, back by highly skilled and knowledgeable Jira experts and valid service level agreements.


The Solution

ServiceRocket’s integration expertise was put to the test but the team was able to produce a flexible, lightweight integration framework as a set of Jira plugins. They allowed for dynamic definition of inbound messages from Siebel to Jira, and status tracking for each transaction.

The ServiceRocket solution took into account situations including imperfect data and unavailability of systems. The plugins allowed system administrators to securely track, trace and resubmit integration transactions as necessary. The image below is a sample screen shot of the integration console.

To augment the plugin technology, ServiceRocket also provided Polycom with customized education, support and mentoring services, both onsite and remotely as needed.


The Voice of the Customer

Susan Davies, VP of Corporate Quality and Customer Success, Polycom

“ServiceRocket’s expertise with both enterprise integration and Jira was a clear indication that they were the right people to partner with and provide us with a flexible solution. The quality of service displayed both onsite and offsite by their team was impeccable and they were able to understand our business, not just deliver a technical solution. ServiceRocket’s education and mentoring services provided our team with the backup knowledge and skill that we needed to confidently complete the task at hand”.

Kent Bodell, Director Software and Hardware Development, Polycom

“We’re an Enterprise-level corporation – we need things done properly, accurately and professionally. We presented ServiceRocket with a complex challenge – a custom migration from a custom Bugzilla implementation. The built in migration tools didn’t cut it. They (ServiceRocket) completed this in a timely and professional manner. They said what they could do, and did it – no ifs, ands, or buts. We would be happy to use their services again, and we have.”