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ServiceRocket Delivers a Knowledge Sharing Network for Yilgarn Infrastructure


The Solution

ServiceRocket implemented both Atlassian Confluence and JIRA for Yilgarn. The project included the following:

  • Data Import – ServiceRocket imported Yilgarn’s existing business data into the Confluence Wiki. A custom plugin was created to perform the import. As a result, ServiceRocket was able to deliver an information repository exactly matching the structure needed in the shortest time possible.
  • •Server Management – ServiceRocket worked with the Yilgarn web hosting provider to setup and configure the hosting servers in order to ensure the efficiency of the connection. ServiceRocket also provided frequent monitoring services to ensure availability of the JIRA and Confluence applications.

The Voice of the Customer

Glenn Egan, Project Manager, Yilgarn Infrastructure

“We really appreciate ServiceRocket working with our hosting provider to implement the Confluence and JIRA solutions in our required timeframes. They managed our changing set of requirements to implement an end result that has taken us to the next level of information storage and accountability for our organization.”

“Their support system has worked very well for us, guaranteeing peace of mind and the knowledge that ServiceRocket will keep us on track!”