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Customer Education Blog

Guest Contributor Program


Blogging Guidelines: So you want to write for the Customer Education Blog

Thanks for your interest in blogging for the Customer Education blog. We love connecting with customer education professionals and writers who can help us fulfill our mission to:

Be the global leading source of information for software leaders seeking ways to use customer education to help customers learn and adopt software in order to achieve their desired outcomes. To offer entertaining, educational, and effective information that software leaders can put into practice right away.

Why should I write for the Customer Education Blog?

Blogging for the Customer Education Blog may help you build your reputation as a leading authority in customer education, software adoption, and customer success. It may also help you in your work as a software leader because writing for others can help you think deeply about your profession and challenge you to try new things and share what you have learned. 

Plus, our community is an open, friendly, and knowledge thirsty bunch who likes to help one another. 

Who is the audience?

Customer education leaders at early to mid-stage enterprise software companies or software professionals who aspire to grow a career in customer education at an enterprise software company.

What topics are we looking for?

In general, we are looking for posts around these categories, as they related to starting, building, growing, and operating and customer education function and/or otherwise any topic related to how we can help customers learn how to use the software we sell so they can achieve desired outcomes in their business.

  • Customer education strategy and business models
  • Customer education roles, organization structures, reporting relationships, skills, competencies, and how to collaborate with other teams and stakeholders in the organization.
  • Course/content offerings, development processes, and techniques. Packaging education offerings.
  • Course delivery and distribution methods 
  • Pricing, marketing, selling, education offerings. Go-to-marketing strategies.
  • Data analytics and measuring the effectiveness of customer education programs, with a particular interest in linking training activity to product adoption, product renewals, and revenue
  • Education operations topics that include revenue recognition, sales tax compliance, customer data privacy issues, selecting and implementing technology, etc.

What makes a good post?

Part of our mission is to create entertaining AND educational resources that people can put to use. In order to increase your chances of having your submission accepted, make sure your post includes at least some of the following:

  • Has an identifiable problem or opportunity that customer education professional can easily relate to. 
  • Describe why this challenge is important to address.
  • Write for people who are doing the job today and who either 1) want to solve a problem; or 2) learn about some innovative approach that will help them do something new to take their function to the next level.
  • Be useful. The more useful you can be, the better your idea will shine.  Lists, worksheets, assessments, step-by-step instructions, speak volumes. 
  • Stick to one main message. Think: One blog, one idea. Don’t try to cover everything. If there is more than one idea in your blog, submit a second blog.
  • Be specific and make it concrete. 
  • Be conversational. Speak plainly. As if you are explaining your idea to a friend at a <insert favorite meeting place here>.
  • Avoid promoting your company, your product, your self. Promote your idea. The rest will take care of itself.
  • Give credit. Include sources to support your idea.

Join the Program. Submit your blog idea here.

Have any questions?  We want your post to be successful.

Your bio should be approximately 60 words and should include links to your appropriate social profiles and/or website, as well as any other relevant links you wish to display. This is a great place to include any promotional or gated links as we generally don’t allow them in the body copy.