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Webinar: A JIRA Bot Can Tell You If You Might Overrun your Sprint

There is an overwhelming amount of information in the technology news about artificial intelligence (AI) and bots in the enterprise. One issue is the gap between hype and reality. The other issue covers whether AI and bots will take our jobs. Whether we are talking about bots for Atlassian's JIRA and HipChat to recent announcements by Workplace by Facebook about opening up it's Work Chat API to chat bots, AI and bots are happening. The question is how can we use them to improve how we do our job?

According to Scott Middleton, founder and CEO of Stratejos, "These bots will replace jobs but it will be the boring parts of our jobs. They'll take care of the tedious, administrative side while giving us new information and insights we don't currently have. Freeing us to do bigger, more creative things."

Middleton will join the ServiceRocket webinar to discuss:

  • AI in the enterprise: Why now?
  • What is an enterprise bot?
  • What is possible today addressing the difference between hype and reality.
  • What is possible (inevitable) tomorrow.
Date: Wednesday 7 June 
Time: 12:00pm (Sydney Time)


Scott Middleton of Stratejos on ServiceRocket Webinar AI and Enterprise bots

Scott Middleton
CEO & Founder

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