Improving Teamwork and Performance with the Atlassian Product Suite

Webinar Recorded: Thursday, August 6, 2015 

According to Jacob Morgan, author of the book, The Collaborative Organization: A Strategic Guide to Solving Your Internal Business Challenges Using Emerging Social and Collaborative Tools, collaboration is a top priority for many organizations. Morgan will tell you that no two companies are the same and therefore, each would have its own collaboration initiatives to improve teamwork and performance. Based on this assumption, it is vital to begin with strategy before any particular tool, process, structure, or organizational change is selected, formulated, and implemented. 

On the other hand, there are times when an understanding what is possible in tools and how other organizations are implementing a collaboration strategy can inform how you develop a strategy for your organization. 

In this webinar, Yesenia Cisneros, a senior technology consultant at ServiceRocket, will show you what is possible in the Atlassian product suite. The goal for this webinar is that you would walk away understanding how the products in the Atlassian suite can be used to connect your teams and improve collaboration and performance. Until you know what is possible, it is difficult to know what direction and strategy to create. 

Special Guest: 
Yesenia Cisneros
Senior Consultant

In this webinar you will learn how to document requirements in Confluence and turn those into tasks in JIRA.
  1. How to document requirements in Confluence and turn those into tasks in JIRA.
  2. How to automate workflows in JIRA using integration with Stash.
  3. How to plan and execute work using JIRA Agile, Stash, and/or Bitbucket.
  4. Perform automated builds and tests in Bamboo.

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