You have put months of hard work to release a customer education program. Now what? How do you determine if it is effective? How do you measure if it is successful? 

Learner and usage metrics should be your only source of truth. Getting into the habit of running reports and looking at your analytics will help you better understand your ROI and it will reveal valuable business insights like:

  • Which training offerings drive the highest and lowest learner engagement?
  • What are some emerging learning trends and how you can capitalize on them?
  • Who are your most active and avid learners?
  • Which partners or customers need more training?
  • What is your overall training impact?

Meet the presenter


Join Jesse Miller, our Learndot Product Manager to learn how you can leverage analytics to make well-informed strategic decisions on where to focus your future training development, and even identify new revenue opportunities.

We want to hear from you so you would be able to ask questions throughout the webinar to get exactly what you need out of the discussion.


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