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Getting Dev and QA Teams to
Work Better Together

Featuring 3 Special Guests:


Mike Butrym
Senior Director of QA
Merkle, Inc.


Jim Holmes
Executive Consultants
Pillar Technology


Sanjay Zalavadia
VP of Client Services

Getting Dev and QA Teams to Work Better Together

In a traditional software development culture, development and QA teams often work independently of each other. As project teams transform from traditional workflows to Agile or DevOps, it can be challenging to get independent Dev and QA teams to collaborate. Not only does each team use different tools, but there can be this sense that code is rushed and thrown over the wall for bugs to be cleaned up in testing. At the very least, this can cause tension between teams, and ultimately, the customer suffers.

How do you eliminate this tension, get everyone to adopt new processes, improve teamwork, and focus on delivering value to customers?

During the webinar, we will speak with an expert panel to discuss these issues, why improving teamwork matters, and steps you can take to improve teamwork and focus on customers.

In this webinar, we discuss:

  • Why should QA and Dev work together in the first place?

  • What hurdles must be overcome to improve how QA and Dev improve collaboration?

  • What successes and outcomes has the panel experienced as a result of improving teamwork?

  • Specific action steps and small changes you can put in place right way.

Bill Cushard

Bill Cushard
Head of Training


Sarah E. Brown


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