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Webinar: A new approach to software training and how Atlassian does it

4 proven reasons why software companies must implement virtual training labs

You missed the live session but you can watch the recording.


As learners, learning by actively doing vs. passively watching makes it much more likely for you to gain skills instantaneously and retain knowledge long-term.  

As educators, adopting this technology means you are able to scale your training operation to serve a much bigger, globally-distributed audience, plus increase learner satisfaction with this new highly-engaging approach.


After all, if Atlassian is using it for its 100,000+ customers, it must be good. 


In this session, we:

  • Reviewed the state of customer education today
  • Explored why virtual labs are the next big thing in training
  • Laid out the 4 reasons why implementing virtual labs will make your training more effective
  • Shared Atlassian's first-hand experience and highlight their results
  • Facilitated a live Q&A session


Not to brag, but we had a pretty impressive line-up of presenters


Dilyana Hadjeva

Product Marketing Manager


Robert Bleeker

Global Training Manager


Muly Gottlieb