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Break Team Silos with Salesforce & Atlassian Jira Integration


Reduce silos. Increase collaboration. Deliver results 

We, at ServiceRocket are helping over 800 companies to connect their sales team with the rest of the organization using the Connector for Salesforce & Jira, our very own Salesforce and Atlassian Jira Integration.


What we cover in the webinar:

  • Power up your Salesforce CRM business workflow through seamless integration with Atlassian Jira
  • Remove team silos by improving collaboration and communication between teams who rely on different systems
  • Reduce manual error with real-time and automatic synchronisation between Salesforce and Atlassian Jira.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by keeping your users in the know about their issue, case, or update - without redirecting them to external pages
  • Make the best of both systems and letting your teams using the right system for the right purpose
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Missed the webinar?

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If you need more information, contact us at sales@servicerocket.com

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