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Webinar: 3 game-changer questions to reinvent your current customer success process

How customer education helps you optimize your customer enablement strategy and drive business outcomes

You missed the live session but you can watch the recording


  • Increase customer retention by focusing on high-value initiatives that drive customer success
  • Boost product adoption by transforming customers into confident and independent users
  • Drive revenue growth by understanding your customers' business objectives and offering  solutions that meet their needs


In this session, we:

  • Explored the gaps in the current customer success process
  • Introduced 3 questions to redefine the customer enablement strategy
  • Explained why customer education is the solution to the most common challenges
  • Ran an exercise to create a plan on how to make customers more self-sufficient
  • Revealed the metrics to measure impact
  • Facilitated a live Q&A session


The presenters: the faces behind the names


Dilyana Hadjeva

Marketing Manager


Donna Weber

Springboard Solutions