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Webinar: The Case for Cloud

Why this Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner is migrating from Server to Cloud and you should too


If you've been running your Atlassian stack on Server or Data Center, you've probably heard the buzz about migrating to Cloud. But rather than just telling you about the benefits of moving to Cloud — better cost control, easier upgrades, and effortless scale – we want to show you why it's the smart move by walking you through our own experience with the upgrade.


That's right, even Atlassian Solution Partners like ServiceRocket have realized the promise of Atlassian Cloud and are leading our customers to sustainable business success through actions, not words.


Join ServiceRocket CEO, Rob Castaneda, and other ServiceRocket leaders for a first-hand account of our upgrade to Atlassian Cloud experience and get a better understanding of:

  • -The business challenges that led us to Cloud
  • -The tipping point that finally made the decision for us
  • -How we're planning and deploying our new Atlassian instance
  • -How a move to Cloud serves our business now and in the future

Plus a bunch of funny and not so funny anecdotes that came out along the way.



About Rob

Rob Castaneda found his passion for technology and training as a 17-year old, working on the Sydney helpdesk of a Silicon Valley software company. Within three years he had worked in various departments of the company, ranging from pre-sales, training, support and research & development. In 2000, Rob moved to Silicon Valley to work for a startup. He has contributed and co-authored several books and publications related to Enterprise Java.

In 2001, Rob started his company ServiceRocket, which is headquartered in Palo Alto, California and has grown to more than 170 employees worldwide with offices in the U.S., Australia, Chile, Malaysia and the UK. Rob's leadership style of thinking team and sharing knowledge is part of what has helped him build a successful global company, completely boot-strapped, having no received no VC funding, and has most recently landed him a spot in the Silicon Valley's Top 40 under 40.


Tuesday, December 17

10:00 AM (PDT)

Missed it? We got the recording for you!


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