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Changes to Atlassian Server and Data Center products

Atlassian is simplifying their self-managed offerings

We are here to help you navigate the changes


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Atlassian announced changes to their Server and Data Center product lines as they focus on taking Cloud to the next level. We know that these changes may be difficult to navigate so ServiceRocket has your back! This resource page will be updated regularly to help guide you through this journey.

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Atlassian Data Center Loyalty discounts

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Server and Data Center License Renewals and New Purchases

Renew your Server/DC licenses before  Feb 2 2021 to take advantage of current pricing

Take advantage of multi-year contracts

Purchase new licenses before Feb 2 2021

  • Server licenses will no longer be available after this date

  • Save up to 140% in new DC licenses 

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CLOUD OR DATA CENTER - Which is right for you?

Take Atlassian's two-minute quiz to help assess if Cloud or Data Center is a better fit for you and your team.

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Great platforms like Workplace from Facebook and Atlassian Cloud, combined with architecture that is people first, can mean the difference between being able to have your teams' back or not. Read the story by our CEO, Rob Castaneda.

ServiceRocket helps you maximize the Atlassian Cloud Solutions to improve collaboration, team efficiency and support your business. Visit our resource center for All Things Atlassian Cloud.

This guide will give you everything you need to get up to speed on Data Center and how it can support you as you scale. You’ll get a deep dive into Data Center features and a rundown on what it takes to prepare for and successfully upgrade to Data Center.


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